A few projects...

Well, it's official... I have my brand new shiny business cards, a fresh blog, and some really fun projects under my belt! Welcome to Cheveux Rouge, my blog about whatever I've been up to creatively.

About those fun projects: I have helped my friend Amy get her look together for her new business, Eden's Garden. She's a childbirth educator, and I am so excited for her as she's getting her business up and running. It was an absolute blast to work with her on designing her business cards & her flyer!

I also did a card for her her mom, Becky for her business, Beck's River Rags - also a great little business! Look under the "Friends & Favorites" tab on the left to check out both of their sites.

I've also got a couple of invitations I'm designing that I'm pretty excited about - I'll be posting pictures soon. Thanks for visiting my site, and keep checking back for new designs!


Eden's said...

WoooHoooo! I just came over here to check my link, and you have posted some things! I am super excited for you! It looks great!

cheveux rouge said...

Well, thanks for your ecouragement to get it going... the empty blog was a little intimidating, but I think the first post is the hardest! Now I have to keep doing fun things so I can keep having things to post :)