okay, this is ridiculous

After a disgraceful break of - well, I'm not even going to count the months - the thought of creating another post became increasingly terrifying and so I decided to just do it. Silly. Get it over with. This will not be a momentous post (sorry) but I have been creating, so little by little, I'll be posting pictures of the things I've been working on over the past *gulp* year or so. There, I said it. Ew.

In brief: sewing has been my obsession, but I've also had more Good Foods work and a few other graphic projects. Stay tuned! I'll try to sneak a few photos up every few days or so. Thanks for your patience... and know I'd rather have a cup of tea with you than be sitting at my computer!

Think I'll kick it off with a few wedding invites...

A custom, fabric-inspired background. The round design is used elsewhere in the wedding as a monogram.

A design that wasn't chosen for an actual wedding, but I really really loved it, so thought I'd share. The background photography, btw, is my lovely sister's. (Check her out - she's working on setting up her shop: www.wharrison.etsy.com)

Another beach wedding! No complaints here since I'm on the guest list! Actually, even better... in the ceremony :) My own photo in the background on this one.

(This would be a great place to segue into some sewing projects, but I need to finish my dress for the wedding first!)

More pictures soon, thanks for stopping by... xo Julie

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