A few pictures

As promised, pictures of a few of the things I had been working on for the wedding Nov. 1 - both of the *lovely* flower girls wore blue silk. I started with an Ottobre pattern from the Winter 6/2008 issue (Lingonberry) and changed/added a few things. I thought the tinies looked really really sweet!

I made a dress for myself, too, but as of yet, no pictures exist! Sad, yes. The wedding photographer took some of course (love love LOVED HER), but she's still working her magic with the photos... I'm so anxious to see them!! Promise to share, copyright permitting... sure do hope to show you a good picture of the dress! It was my first ever project using my new dress form, and I thoroughly enjoyed the process.

A friend took the above pictures (well, the originals, and I cropped them for the blog...) You can check out her work here and her blog here. Love love LOVE her too. As soon as I can get to my sewing machine again, I'll be making the Little a dress for our own photo shoot! SUPER excited.

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