We-ell, I know I promised pictures of my New Improved Super Fabulous Studio... but it's not so fabulous yet... I have been using it, though! We have had an unusually snowy winter (ew) but that has made for LOTS of lovely sewing machine time! I've been sewing constantly!

And, as for the gorgeous pictures this time, don't get used to photos of my stuff looking so extra fabulous... as I mentioned in the last post, my lovely lovely Kristin came to take pictures of our little family. She made us look really good! She can do the same for you... check out her site! She's as sweet as she is talented!

E is sporting her "Ruby" riding hood cape... isn't that button FUN?! Fit for a walk to grandma's in a magic wood.

A sweet baby cord dress from Ottobre (3/2009) that buttons down the back.

A SUPERruffly skirt of my own design, in the colors of Evelyn... and the ruby riding hood cape again. Fabulous vintage umbrella - a gift from Kristin. (TOLD you she's lovely!)

Wondering about those rainboots? Check out my friend's store, full of special little things for anyone and everyone: Keep Good Company in Richmond, VA.

And... you may have noticed that I'm wearing a particularly wonderful scarf? Well - maybe you did. Next post will be all about THAT. (Does that buy me a little more time with the studio pics? Because I really feel like I need to get back to my sewing...)